Authentic Authorship: Not A Stroll In The Park

stroll in the park

An insert from Chinua Achebe’s great book Things Fall Apart. It serves as an inspiration to all aspiring scribes and other authors.

LAST STORY by Wilson Chipangura


The old adage nails it all that a journey of a thousand miles sets of with a baby step. This popular proverb has proven to be a bitter sweet pill to swallow for some in this global village.

If one is to take his/her precious time analysing the statement they will easily be put into dudgeon by the reality it might pose.

A baby step can be considered the slowest pace ever that can be made by a serious emissary with the intention to walk a marathon of thousand miles.

However, in as much as one might try to be put off by the reality of setting out on a journey with a baby step being the initial step,it should be true that the principle has to be followed by those who wish to succeed.

Starting something begins with a calculated movement which means there is no need to rush to reach dizzy heights. An aeroplane is a good example one should take to further
authenticate this ideology.

An aeroplane goes through a runway so
as to gather some required technicalities to help it balance in the sky from the moment it takes off up to its finito expedition.

This therefore should serve as a rude awakening to all who have dreams to achieve big things in life. They need to commence their missions with a single step so as to gather and give off the required aerobics and anaerobics factors in order to counteract foreseeable hiccups in the long journey to stardom.

Some stratagem fundamentals need to be conceptualized so as to strengthen the missile bag by the emissary.

One would later find out that the slow pace would only be an experience of the initial stages of the journey which would slowly evanesce as the race gathers some momentum.

This is only realistic if one adheres to the principles of endurance which is vital for the promised land to become a reality.

The outline highlighted above can also be applicable to those in the writing industry. Writing is a broad term which might mean anyone who can write with a pen or anything that demonstrates excellent calligraphy.

It can also mean one who is capable of scribbling an opinion for the sake of having it published in a print newspaper to gain some credit from among a bunch of their colleages.

However, the writing which this columnist is going to tackle on concern authentic art work for the sake of seriousness and promote one’s brand plus reputation world wide.

This type of writing includes the following but not limited to: journalism,poetry,plays,motivational works,amanuensis report and novel writing.

The writing which is going to be elaborated by this columnist is the one that focuses on art work or literary creativity.

Loosely all and sundry know it as authorship of novels or different types of books.

Writing a book or books is not something that is as easy as it might sound. Some of us do think that it is relatively an easy task to get down on your sit, take a pen or whatever apparatus that they can use and start writing.

Many would even go a step further and point out that they can also write a book just because John whom they look down upon or is their colleage has written a book.

Well, it is good to be courageous but sometimes behaving like a mountebank living in a state of
somnambuloquy such that you begin to cogitate that you are a great orator might be catastrophic.

You might even step out of the limits and later on realise that it is no oratory at all but one disease of sleep-talking.

It is also imperative for those who have great desires to tread their feets into the world of authoring books.

One might be disillusioned by their great skills in essay writing or documentation of their lamentations and go on to conclude that they are great authors.

Ages and ages they will only get a rude awakening when they commence works on their projects and realise that writing is no easy job after all.

Yes authentic authorship is no stroll in the park, rather it is something that is pragmatic.
Whether it might be educative novel authoring or ludicrous writing all needs pragmatic techniques and ammunition.

Sometimes authors especially debutants will find the task rigorous somewhere somehow as they go through the process of penning their

Some of them will end up even throwing in(sic) the towel when they are halfway through their work or almost drawing near to the Promised

Of course,as one embarks on a journey in mountanious terrains s/he will experience some painful moments especially when they reach at the apex or peak point of the hill.

That is certainly the most fascinating moment if one has determination to clearly figure out that it is almost the last pain stocking point in their journey.
After that adventure,its all an avalanche and no more energy would be required as the journey becomes automated and a free-fall sliding will become the new adventure to reach to the purpoted destination.

However, before one can become convivial about the last part of their expedition, they have to go through the hardest part which is the peak of the mountain.

This momento does not need those who have a light cadiac rather it requires the ones with strong determination and those who are dynamic to every situation.

Every situation needs a new stratagem and this does not favour one to continue clamouring as a static person.

The world over is fast changing with technological advancements bouncing to different levels each and everyday.
Everyday is a new day and it needs a pugnacious person to advance rather than the one of fixed aboard.

Yes aggressive approach to mind blogging situations is certainly superlative.
While resorting to aggresiveness when the going gets tough is helpful in one way or the other, it all needs one to be a good statistician who can be able to calculate the limits of adopting a pugnacious formation in a game.

It is imperative to know this if you are an authentic author that when you get down to serious business,you will lose some of your valuable assets.

Friends, spouses, business opportunities might skip your line as you begin the journey of writing your book.

While morale will reach an all time low and as you go on and on and on you will feel mister dizziness knocking on your door. There is a tendency to get put off by everything that you see or hear.

Some will even go on to lose their trust in issues partaining religiosity. The spirit of atheism will creap in as you go through your work. However, when you happen to reach
that level which is bitter-sweet and awesome you need not to tolerate the most striking mistake of accepting to segregate aggressive prayers to the Creator.

There must be a simbiotic relationship between you and the Creator in order to restore determination in your work.
Yes penning a book needs God like everything else in life. He is the one who relinquish the older you and unveils a new look author in

It should also serve as a good lesson that writing all this from experience I have learnt that facts are obdurate. But in as much as facts are stubborn this does not mean they should be sidelined from being parcelled out to
the directed recipients whether old or young.

My factual point is that authentic authorship is not a stroll in the park. Authorship does not need plagiarism ladies and gentlemen rather it needs people who come up with seemingly
fresh staffs.

The reason for the use of the words seemingly new is because certainly it is true that there is nothing that is wholly new under the sun these days but with you something new can be articulated.

The only clandestine to creating new contents when you are an author is to conduct extensive research for and of every subject you are going to try and articulate.

This will increase your knowledge of the topic you are going to write about and also give a good perspective that what you are going to ‘bake’ is certainly a new ‘recipe of a cake’ that no one has ‘baked’ before.

It is true of course that there are times when we get excited that we have come up with a new idea that we think will help change the world over only to get disappointed by realising that it is certainly a primitive ideology which we had been carried away of.

Therefore, it is also good that we get prepared to learn rather than to always remain holed up in our illogical pedagogy. The only problem though is that most of us wish to always commandeer others and think that what they offer is always right.

This is catastrophic when you are an author,yes you must stick to your guns but you need to debate your ideas with other people and note down positive and helpful points they offer.

Finally getting rid of ‘useless’ elements in your path should be an essential priority if you wish to succeed as an author. There are those who will discourage you and there are those whom you purpote to be your allies yet they spariously go on a back stabbing mission in an attempt to attain free PHDs(pull him/her down syndromes) through you.

Those are the rogue elements you ought to get rid of and also getting prepared to let go some of the people or materials you consider as your
best. This will help you to attract the very best of opportunities and personalities into your net for the principle says it all that opportunity cost is the best alternative forgone in preference of the very best.

A serious author must thus be rational. Authentic authorship is thus no stroll in the park for it needs one to get up from their laurels and focus on the real thing if you are to publish a book as an author.

Off I go. Till next time enjoy your precious lifestyles by making the most of it and don’t forget to take care of your loved ones and each other. It’s bye bye for now.