by Wilson Chipangura

The most difficulty or mind boggling problem I have seen in life is, watching human beings trying to conglomerate the same way major commercial institutions merge.

Notwithstanding the obstacles these entities have faced over the years in trying to fully merge under one umbrella with one common goal being to realise profits, humans have been more unfortunate due to their combative nature of trying to work together.

Most of them have failed due to the essential elementary tool, that is TRUST, this seemingly useless discipline has gone on to affect the global governance over the years especially political institutions trying to coalesce with one aim being to change the fortunes of their country for a better future to all even the future generations.

Most humans have lacked trust towards their fellow mates due to the issue of self-aggrandizement rather than selflessness.

The following are some of the key essentialities in summary that might help one to see the importance of team work like animals or birds of the sky do rather than self-serving fellars who dig down their mates for their individualist gain :


While this has been a major two animals demonstrated trust. The bird was seen carrying a creature which looked like a rat on its back flying it to safety when the jungle had caught fire.

This really demonstrated the thin line of trust between the two animals of different species and it also challenged the human pride with this : “Humans were given dominion over animals but if animals exhibit the true spirit of trust and team work then why do we[humans] lack the element of humanitarianism.”


In order to realise the full essence of co-ordination and team spirit, the second quality is being united. This is what team work is all about.

There can be a team without unity but this means that it will be same as a bunch of nonentities bundled together with no mean achievements to show off except failure.

Unity is knowing that you need to pull in one direction with the rest of your team partners whenever something orthodox is being conducted and trying to lay out your points in a mannered way in whatever you don’t agree with. Be humble and be able to know that you are equal with you other partner despite your major life strides.


Trying hard to please someone you don’t trust is never going to create a winning team in your life endeavour and as such this is going to create an unbalanced yielding at the end as all the conditions will be tilted favourably towards a fellow mate.

In one of my quotes I wrote this ;-

“The best way to mistrust is being suspicious of everyone you see but still never judge them by your thoughts.”

In this quote I tried to cogitate about how people who have never seen the great characters of the life movie tend to completely pass a verdict towards everyone they fail to admire at a first glance.
Usually when one fails to extract the perfect impression out of somebody they would have met one day, there is a tendance that their psychology will try to put judgmental codes using the past bad encounters as case study.

The best approach is therefore not to literary conclude that one person is a perfect evil like another fellar we have met up with over the years hence the need to assess and better be suspicious but still remain within the broad line of never judging everybody conclusively at a first glance without substantiated evidence to suffice your initial thoughts because the real value of team work might be shoved under a tattered carpet which expose the whole shame like a person washing a dirty linen in public.

This is the same reason why I had to write another seemingly similar quote on trust which read like this :

“The greatest mistrust is being
suspicious of everyone you see in life,of course some are in queue to goodness not all are bad apples.”

This quote was largely influenced by this thought – let’s say I offer somebody I have met today a rotten apple and they realise it later when they are hungry that it is not edible. They will curse everything and even tomorrow when they want to buy apples or somebody offers them one their mind is turned to that past encounter of being given a bad apple and as such they will thing there are no fresh apples anywhere or there are no kind people who may give them one.

Therefore the bestway to live to accept a reality that is value team work with everyone because you don’t know who is coated with real gold gem and who is coated with fake plastic material, it will be better “to trust but not too much” or ship out and accept that life goes on with a positive mind that tells you that the closure of one small door is the opening of another big door.


Joel Osteen once said, “If you cannot be positive then at least be quiet.”

I would like to think that reading this statement for the first time gave me a conclusion that this author(Osteen) was trying to shut the door for criticism of everything in life.

Wondering for some minutes I dismissed the statement as misguided but after deep thought I came to see that the best to derive a meaning from this quote is to know that Osteen was never against the notion of criticism.

He had seen it all that there are people who have destroyed others by offering criticism in life and never brought a solution for something which they are saying is not ideal. That is great negativity because for everything a bad thing can be found but it is the evaluation that separates a good policy from a ill-advised one.

There are most people who offer points to dissuade and those people are usually talkative but they are not essential team mates because of their pro-criticism and solution-less treatise.

This is something that is found in the modern gospels in churches where preachers have diverted from the real goal that is to break an impure thought by offering them an alternative choice that best suit their converts.

It is wise to accept our lives,try to value our good deeds and respect our team mates’ choices by trying to give them a perfect helmet in a mine field or be like that bird which saw that its other team mate can not fly and as such it offered to carry her on his back that is the perfect character of love and humility.

Wilson Chipangura is a Zimbabwe-born author of The Return From Exile Poems & Other Stories, Bachura of Row, A Eulogy of Divorce among other books(unpublished).



Good day my fellow brethren. I hope I find you so well even in this crunch economy of our beloved country Zimbabwe.
Things are very hard and unbearable in every aspect of the economy,political pillar and societal groupings that is undeniable.

It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to be able to see that Zimbabwe is stuck in doldrums of disaster.

Last week we saw,read or even heard some groups upping their game against our Central Bank governor Dr John Mangudya.

Whilst I was watching from a distance of benevolence and nuetrality I was left shell shocked by groups which were calling for the immediate resignation of the gorvenor over what they call his utmost failure to turn around the fortunes of the economy of our beloved country.

It’s not that I consider Mr Mangudya as someone who has done well but my thought is that the ‘war’ against the governor was and is still illogical and wholly misguided.

Those who called for the resignation of Mr Mangudya pointed out that the man has to do it for the sake of the economy of our country. Really!

So if Mr Mangundya is to step down today do you all have firm hope that his predecessor will deliver on what you think he has failed. Do you think cash shortage problem will be solved and the economic growth will be realised.

In as far as I am concerned on this one my dear brothers and sisters in another quarter of the political sector have lost the radar manual to know or even see that the crisis does not lie with the men and women at the Central Bank offices but by the big cockroaches(sic) at the Monomotapa buildings who continue to draft misguided policies that continue to drag the country into mess.

Do you think the resignation of Mr Governor will be a panacea to the corruption scandals that continue to grip every essential sector of the economy.

On whose orders does Dr Mangudya live by and on whose orders will the new governor whom all and sundry think will move the economy forward live on.

To be honest keeping the current governor at the helm of the Central Bank day to day business is the risk worth taking for now despite the fact that the bond notes he injected into the financial sector have continued to face some challenges which are slowly uncovering their failures.

The obdurate truth is only that the man of finance has done better to avert a great crisis that was looming when the cash shortages crisis started to knock on the door of the financial index of our beloved country full of valuable minerals than any other global nation that it continues to go poor.

Before thinking of responding to the anti-Mangudya campaign try to answer the questions: Do you think his successor will do better appointed by who?
and answer the question: Do you think Mangudya has done bad that he has failed to ‘align’ policies that can take the country to a high level when he has limited power that allows him to sing for his supper.

Then: Why have we started to direct our strength in the wrong direction,is it a sign that we are failing as a whole nation?

Of I go. Till we meet its bye bye for now.

Wilson Chipangura is a Zimbabwe-born author and Chief Executive Officer at Heavmany Production Group (Pvt) Ltd.


(1)Critically analyse the following poem
‘INDEPENDENCE’ written by Nyasha
Mapuvire extracted from the book ‘The
Return From Exile Poems & Other
Stories’ by Wilson Chipangura paying
particular attention to form and
Hopes still saturated in the sky,
Rats and beasts eager to endure,
The wit-wit of the lions.
And what came next?
They had toiled days and nights,
Struggling to attain their free jungle.
On success,it had been in vain,
Their hopes were shattered,instead,
They had excerbated their burdens,
Voices no longer existed,silence being
A small squeak attracted a guillotine.
Lions fighting each other.
In the end mourning,regret,starvation
and suffering.
So what was the use of fighting at all?
POET: Nyasha Mapuvire is a young Zimbabwe-born
The above poem was extracted from
the book ‘The Return From Exile
Poems & Other Stories’ by Wilson
Chipangura and is due for publish
Wilson Chipangura is a versatile
character who is of no fixed aboard but
currently is attached in Sanyati.
He can be contacted via: heavmany@gmail.com or wilsonchipangura@gmail.com
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