Good day my fellow brethren. I hope I find you so well even in this crunch economy of our beloved country Zimbabwe.
Things are very hard and unbearable in every aspect of the economy,political pillar and societal groupings that is undeniable.

It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to be able to see that Zimbabwe is stuck in doldrums of disaster.

Last week we saw,read or even heard some groups upping their game against our Central Bank governor Dr John Mangudya.

Whilst I was watching from a distance of benevolence and nuetrality I was left shell shocked by groups which were calling for the immediate resignation of the gorvenor over what they call his utmost failure to turn around the fortunes of the economy of our beloved country.

It’s not that I consider Mr Mangudya as someone who has done well but my thought is that the ‘war’ against the governor was and is still illogical and wholly misguided.

Those who called for the resignation of Mr Mangudya pointed out that the man has to do it for the sake of the economy of our country. Really!

So if Mr Mangundya is to step down today do you all have firm hope that his predecessor will deliver on what you think he has failed. Do you think cash shortage problem will be solved and the economic growth will be realised.

In as far as I am concerned on this one my dear brothers and sisters in another quarter of the political sector have lost the radar manual to know or even see that the crisis does not lie with the men and women at the Central Bank offices but by the big cockroaches(sic) at the Monomotapa buildings who continue to draft misguided policies that continue to drag the country into mess.

Do you think the resignation of Mr Governor will be a panacea to the corruption scandals that continue to grip every essential sector of the economy.

On whose orders does Dr Mangudya live by and on whose orders will the new governor whom all and sundry think will move the economy forward live on.

To be honest keeping the current governor at the helm of the Central Bank day to day business is the risk worth taking for now despite the fact that the bond notes he injected into the financial sector have continued to face some challenges which are slowly uncovering their failures.

The obdurate truth is only that the man of finance has done better to avert a great crisis that was looming when the cash shortages crisis started to knock on the door of the financial index of our beloved country full of valuable minerals than any other global nation that it continues to go poor.

Before thinking of responding to the anti-Mangudya campaign try to answer the questions: Do you think his successor will do better appointed by who?
and answer the question: Do you think Mangudya has done bad that he has failed to ‘align’ policies that can take the country to a high level when he has limited power that allows him to sing for his supper.

Then: Why have we started to direct our strength in the wrong direction,is it a sign that we are failing as a whole nation?

Of I go. Till we meet its bye bye for now.

Wilson Chipangura is a Zimbabwe-born author and Chief Executive Officer at Heavmany Production Group (Pvt) Ltd.

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