Poem: New Gift

Nyasha Mapuvire The above material(image quote) belongs to Nyasha Mapuvire a fellow talented & passionate versatile writer.


Standing by the touchline in the field,
The rays of a unfamiliar sun
Torched the eyes with its reflection,
That was shining like a polished floor,

Playing its hide-and-seek,
Everything seemed cheeky,
In the sport pitch; the common training
Was turning hard like a stone,
In that sacred forest of our King

Cogitating about throwing in the towel,
With that sombre smile on the face
That looked like a mastered farce,
Everything changed in my watery eyeballs,
Slowly stepped a strange figure,

Shyly I approached to greet,
Feeling proud of my white teeth,
Everything looked good for real,
Finally in that quagmire I found a pal.


*author :Wilson( 威尔逊) Chipangura

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