Poem: Dr Duck (ambigous love poetry)

By Wilson Chipangura, author and poet


Yesterday I ate Dr Duck,
My gullet had requested for a mate,
I had thought it was suck,
But ages after, I couldn’t hold it!
That faint smile turned into laughter,
Breaking my ribs for a surgery,

A delicate portion of mr three toes,
Who always reckon how we were foes,
Left some sores on my toungue,
Serial trials and errors of self-biting
Went away with that thick soup-
That stretched the muscles of nostril,

Looking at the big belly,
Swollen and flowing like jelly,
The inevitable smile played the beat,
Violins of a soul tied around strings,
Memories that fail to shed off
The way leaves obey the summer,

Long thorns of affection sink
In the cardiovascular, river bank
Full of emotions running like a gazelle;
A flavoured romance so sweet,
That never ceases to cure
Like the nutritious doctor,
In the celestial space inside.

Image credit: RosGwen Media®

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