About The return from exile

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. Countrymen and foreigners for your continual support. As for your request of the book, I hope to have that book in copy, soft copy format, google store, amazon online shop and there is a team which is working on that but there are one or two logistics i am working on together assessing the best print house et cetra.

Otherwise i would like to thank you and others in advance for the continual support.

Also i am thinking of incoporating some of the authors two or three maybe in this or another book so it might take a few more days, weeks and at last months but i will remember you all those who have supported me and requested for that book as soon as is yesterday.

I hope to work with another rookie poet Benedict ‘Ayibo’ Ncube who has requested for my helping hand.

I would like to thank Zimpubs for offering to cover my financial costs in the printing of the book and also www.bulawayo24.com for their never ending support in trying to put me in the limelight.

Not also forgeting the opponents of this project as you have given me an extra energy to succeed and above all the Almight God who has loved me in the thickest of every situation.

Some of the stories in the project include ‘He was my facebook friend(Mamlo the robber), Crumbling World, Our New Neighbour, Flea Market, The Dark Night, The Manager, The Duke’s Bash, Intensive Care Unit, Village Prophet, Family Affairs et cetra.

Check heavmany.wordpress.com for more other contents. Thank you in advance


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