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Poem: Dr Duck (ambigous love poetry)

By Wilson Chipangura, author and poet


Yesterday I ate Dr Duck,
My gullet had requested for a mate,
I had thought it was suck,
But ages after, I couldn’t hold it!
That faint smile turned into laughter,
Breaking my ribs for a surgery,

A delicate portion of mr three toes,
Who always reckon how we were foes,
Left some sores on my toungue,
Serial trials and errors of self-biting
Went away with that thick soup-
That stretched the muscles of nostril,

Looking at the big belly,
Swollen and flowing like jelly,
The inevitable smile played the beat,
Violins of a soul tied around strings,
Memories that fail to shed off
The way leaves obey the summer,

Long thorns of affection sink
In the cardiovascular, river bank
Full of emotions running like a gazelle;
A flavoured romance so sweet,
That never ceases to cure
Like the nutritious doctor,
In the celestial space inside.

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Poem: New Gift

The above material(image quote) belongs to Nyasha Mapuvire a fellow talented & passionate versatile writer.

Standing by the touchline in the field,
The rays of a unfamiliar sun
Torched the eyes with its reflection,
That was shining like a polished floor,

Playing its hide-and-seek,
Everything seemed cheeky,
In the sport pitch; the common training
Was turning hard like a stone,
In that sacred forest of our King

Cogitating about throwing in the towel,
With that sombre smile on the face
That looked like a mastered farce,
Everything changed in my watery eyeballs,
Slowly stepped a strange figure,

Shyly I approached to greet,
Feeling proud of my white teeth,
Everything looked good for real,
Finally in that quagmire I found a pal.


*author :Wilson( 威尔逊) Chipangura

Poem:The Mighty Mothers

I thank thee to all the
All the mothers of this
For their bravery,sacrifi
ce and love,
They always expose to
the world,
Through caring
Taking all the risks with
great care,
I thank thee to all the
Who have patiently
taught the suckling
great principles,
Which have proven vital
to scathing lives.
Through their nurturing
we have become role
And in that we always
Ooh!The mighty rib of
Adam for her great
Through thick and thin
shall as always,
Follow all your great
advices like a young
suckling baby
Getting ready for the
tough terrains of the
evil jungle roaring
With a shaky fearsome
voice such as that of a
Ooh! Mighty
MOTHERS,we thank
thee the LORD for the
present to Adam.
Wilson Chipangura is an
18 years old passionate
This poem was
extracted from his
EXILE Poems & Other
Stories which is due for
publish anytime soon.
He can be contacted via
email: heavmany@ or

THE RETURN FROM EXILE Poems & Other Stories

STORIES…….. ………
WOW!Termite alates
again the rain season
had just begun.Seasonal
farmers had all
exclaimed with
happiness.Rural folks
had gone mad over the
prospects of catching
the termite alates not
for nutritious
supplement but for
relish as hunger had
stocked everyone.
Mr Chizuze had
shouted,”Mr Nyati I am
going to catch more
termite alates tonight
than you,last time you
beat me because i had
a few charcoals to
sustain for the whole
It had become the
norm that every
season there would be
competition for these
crisp when roasted but
delicious insects.
“Ooh!Old man Chizuze it
is now the umpteenth
time you have promised
me a good run for my
money,but failed
dismally”,said Nyati
It had become a norm
that Chizuze was now
a pageboy of Nyati.He
hoped to finally break
that jinx.
Nyati had
continued,”You are a
specialist in failure
Chizuze,you need to
consult a sangoma to
wash away your
hoodoo because against
me you will never make
This was enough to
send an old Chizuze into
thundered,”You are a
wizard Nyati,I knew it
all along that you use
juju to succeed.”The
two village gurus had
an nasty hogwash
argument for a long
moment.Their event
had been toasted by
their continuos rivalry in
women affairs.Polygam
y they said was what
makes a man
successful.Nyat i had
eight wives at his
compound while
Chizuze had six.In fact
he had five since the
last had not yet
conceived or even got
pregnant.Nyati’ s
offsprings were spread
at his compound like
flies.Probably they were
a family of houseflies.
Nyati had
thundered,”Don’ t be
that wasteful
Chizuze,the cannabis
continues to burn
without anyone
smoking it.”He paused
for a while waiting for
his words to sink into
the shrivelled skull of
old Chizuze.
“You need to be
economic and
conservative of the
scarce resources
available.Remem ber
ESAP taught us all
these principles”,Nya ti
had summed up.
“Poor Nyati!What has
ZIMASSET you brag
about done for
you.Don’t be naive and
arrogant Nyati do you
hear me” ,said Chizuze.
The two men and their
opinions had slowly
turned into cross
purposes.Yes the
economy of the country
was bad no one could
deny that but there
were always
propagandists.T hose
who tried to frame lies
into realities.The
Squeulers who could
turn black into white
The opinions of the
people had become
emotionally allocated
and the environment
would become
temperamental by the
click of a second.Its
either you are a
propagandist,sp in
doctor,sell out or
The KwaBushu villagers
had become like
hookworms which eats
the intestines while a
person is moving
around as they lived
into outclassing each
Nyati had broken the
waters with a parting
statement.”Good bye
my friend Chizuze,I
need to go to the fields
to check on the
wetness of the soils
because tomorrow I
need to start the
Chizuze waved off his
compatriot as he felt a
pang of envy at the
thought of the success
of Nyati.
*************** *
John was not happy
with his spouse
Mary.After all she had
broken the bad news in
that dark night of the
day before.Dark as the
Varsity campus
experienced the now
familiar power
outrages.No!Dar k
because there was no
moon either,not even
shooting stars.The
world had fallen to the
prophets of
looked bleak.Especiall y
the days,months,yea
rs,decades or even
centuries ahead.
Maybe dark because
Mary had told him that
she was pregnant.He
least expected it
because he was not
prepared to abort his
studies.After all there
was a year left for the
completion of his
degree programme.He
felt like a crybaby at
that moment.
During the dark night he
had said,”Mary why
can’t you have an
abortion.I am not yet
ready.”John had become
confused.How would
his garrulous father old
Chizuze would react to
the news?He had
pondered.All along he
had been against his
enrolment at the
university.It had taken
the insistence of his
mother Maruzane for
him to get to the
tertiary stage.
Now he had messed up
the game.”This is obeah
being used against
me”,he had said to
himself.At that
moment John heard
Mary’s blaming voice
surfacing.Mary had
said,”John this is not
time for these
tasteless jokes,I will
not have an
appeared everywhere in
John’s eyes.He could no
longer see properly.The
summer night was
surprisingly as dark as
black jacks.
“You need to own up
John.Be a gentleman as
you always claim to
be.”,said Mary.She tried
to hold back the tears
which were now rolling
down his cheeks like a
violent Save river during
the summer.Mucus
followed their patriotic
comrade in protesting.
Everything had gone
sombre.Even the
nuisance notorious
mosquitos had all
deserted the room that
No one wanted to
associate with John on
that day even nature
had turned against
him.He made up his
mind after deep
thinking.He had to go
home to sort out his
things.Yes his house
had to be put in
order.After all he had to
find a plan because
Mary had insisted that
he was not going to
change the situation.
Poor John had fallen
from grace to gloom.
The night John had
returned home he had
been received to a cold
welcome.Everyth ing at
home was not in
shape.His mother was
not in good health as
she was sick with
yellow fever.
The second wife of
John’s father had been
beat up by his father
for saving him with
stale meal.
Mr Chizuze had no
tomorrow as he
believed in immediate
action.That was his
style but upon hearing
of his son’s return he
had jumped with zeal
that John had
expected.He had
received him like a
prodigal son.
Chizuze had an
uneventful night as
few termite alates had
been caught.The
weather had changed
unexpectedly into a cold
chilli temperature.He
had thrown in the
towel. It was on that
night that a frustrated
Chizuze was preparing
to call it a day that a
strange visitor suddenly
erupted into his
“Knock Knock
Shoko”,the stranger
said.Shoko was his
totem an honorific title
used to address elderly
“Welcome,feel at home
granny”,said Chizuze
upon realising the
stranger was a fairly
ederly woman.He had
though been confused
by the woman who to
him did not seem
They had exchanged
their greetings with the
rest of the family of
Chizuze’s first wife in
their well furnished
traditional hut.
The stranger had not
wasted time in saying
what she had come for
,which was to handover
John his pregnant
girlfriend Mary as wife
and Chizuze and his
elder wife a daughter
The aunt had pledged
to go and take the
present she had come
with outside the
compound in the dark
an 18 years old
passionate writer/
He can be contacted via
email:heavmany@ or
wilsonchipangur a@