Frequent Questions About Book Writing answed by the Motivational Speaker 🙏🏼 

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• Guest Column: Mthokozisi Gwizi 

Is authoring books a sustainable venture these days given that it’s an error of internet were people can easily access books for free on the internet i.e piracy.

Authoring is in a way being affected by electronic media. Most people can download pdf books from internet or have access to it when others post the book on WhatsApp  groups etc. So such people are no longer keen to buy hardcopies of books as they can have access to many similar books at no cost.

However authoring can still be rewarding.

Here are the conditions for that to be possible:

Don’t think about being an overnight sensation. You will not get instant fame just because you have written a single book. There are only a very few instances in history where author’s first book became a best seller.

All the billions of othergreat authors over the past centuries build their writing legacy and credibility over a long period of time. It takes years to become an established well known author.

So many aspiring authors have been frustrated when the books they wrote failed to give them instant fame or fortune they hoped for.

It requires a lot patience and perseverance to begin to yield results in the long term. Plus effective marketing strategy is needed.

One of the most effective strategies is writing an outstanding book. Be creative. Ask yourself why would someone prefer my book when there are millions of other books talking about the same topic out there.

Nothing markets your book than the good substance found within that book. No amount of extraordinary marketing strategy can help you sell an average or “obvious” book. Never forget that.

Secondly, associate with other authors. I may never exhaust all the pros and cons of being a writer, you will get to know some of challenges when you fellowship with other authors. Get to know other authors and find out the mistakes they made.

Use electronic media to your advantage. Its true that the emergence of electronic formats have made some people not to worry about spending money on hardcopy books. However wisdom is when you use the same instrument bringing a downfall of some authors to your advantage. Send some of the books via WhatsApp. There are many people who will still want or buy your hardcopy despite receiving it as a soft copy on WhatsApp.

Fourthly, the availability of your book and its circulation increases the territory of your influence. I sent copies of my books to 15 WhatsApp groups with a membership of about 200 members each. Meaning about 3000 people got the copies and fowarded them to their groups which have hundreds of members as well.

And the people in the groups they forwarded the books to also forwarded to other groups. If you know how powerful social media is you will know that its not an exaggeration to say the books have spread to at least approximately 500 000 people within the past 3 months.

No one can guess how many millions will read it in the next few months. Some of the readers who come across your book will hunt for you and track you down to arrange speaking engagements.

Second question:

How do I forward my articles to various magazines and newspapers?

I recommend that you first focus on perfecting your writing skills before you worry about exposing yourself to the media. Allow your writing to be reviewed by credible people before getting exposure.
When you are absolutely sure you are ready for the media check the websites of various newspapers and inquire if they can accept your articles. Dont worry about getting financial returns be concerned about exposure and increasing the territory of your influence.

Last question:

Is Motivational Speaking Lucrative? How does one acquire speaking engagements?

Just like being an author, it takes a long time to make significant breakthroughs. You need to find good sources of income while building yourself up and your credibility as a speaker.

No success will come over night. Les Brown, one of the greatest motivational speakers is a multi-billionaire. When he started motivational speaking, he took a Directory, he searched for contacts and called over 500 schools, colleges, various institutions and organizations asking them if he could have some motivational speaking engagements organized for him there. Some paid him but it most cases he did it for free (volunteering).

That’s right! 500 phone calls by one man obsessed with his mission and vision. Volunteer to be a curtainraiser or forerunner who speaks for a few minutes when established speakers are speaking. You need a ridiculous amount of passion and obsession to make it. Today’s generation wants it easy. God help us!!!

Mthokozisi Gwizi is a Motivational Speaker and author. He writes here in his personal capacity. Follow him on Twitter:  @Mthokozisi Gwizi


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