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He was a hero, infact he is a hero. Everyone, everywhere within and outside the school compass was talking about him. Whenever you entered Sanyati District in Mashonaland West you could only hear the name ‘Rhori’, (a lorry) which is a name they had given him, for he was just like one itself, big body,
strong minded. At some point they had called him ‘Heavyman’ for his physical strength. None in the whole school could stand against him.

When he came for form one he was then a very humble, quiet, smart, friendly and goodboy. It just changed when he got fame when he was about to finish his ZJC course. During the Sanyati District competitions, as a soccer player. Tinaye became the most strongest player of the tournament, for he was just cruising like a U.D truck, that’s where he earned the name Rhoori. He became a celeb and from there his character extremely changed, he was involved in fist fighting, school gangs, drug dealing, cheating, and all that stuff. All I still remember is, he was never involved in any love affair and this left me wondering, girls loved him, but he seemed to be not interested in any of them. What a waste of chances I thought to myself.

By chance, the following year on the opening day the headmaster announced that our hero and celeb, Tinaye, was going to continue with his studies abroad in USA. A football club based in England had offered him a scholarship. It had been his choice to go to USA for he claimed that that’s where he was going to be able to fit. None really understood him for we thought he meant that since it is full of people of our own skin colour, we thought he was running away from too much racism, but none of these suggestions or thoughts were correct.

He joined a junior college while at the same time playing football for a local academy club. There he got fame, many people at his college never liked football but when he came, he changed the attitude of the people towards football and that earned him a lot of both bad and good friends. Besides the fame and good environment ,he had not yet fulfilled his main reason why he chose USA of all of the abroad countries.

Tinaye had this hatred for girls, he never liked them. You could see him frowning his face in front of girls. Instead he had that desire for one of his classmates. He could not tell him, for basing on his background it was not a norm, he found it hard to expose and express his feelings. But before he had taken any action or any step further, Harry visited to his room this other day and after a long chat, they just found themselves kissing and it was all done before Tinaye had realised it. He had finally archived his aim and for the first time since his birth he felt satisfied, all his desires were fulfilled.

From that night life changed gradually for Tinaye, more time on Harry was required. Sometimes he even sabotaged evening training sessions going for parties and spending the night with Harry. They felt like heaven had just descended. Some people dispised them but since it was normal in USA those years they had no choice but accept them as they were. However it was at the expense of Tinaye’s fame and social status position. He was no longer friendly and no longer loved socializing with his friends.

Since the day he was involved in this relationship with Harry, he never communicated with his family or homefriends, for whenever he thought of it, he always remembered that they dispised and could never acknowledge what he had chosen to become. He went to the extent of viewing Zimbabwe and its people especially the leaders as ancient, backward and destroyer of people’s rights. But was that the case? Only the Most High JAH knows. At home they became worried about his whereabouts and could not get any information as he just ignored them.

Two years passed. At the middle of the third year, Tinaye received a letter notifying him on the termination of his contract. Due to his continual sabotage on football sessions, the the academy had continuously warned him on his behavior but never listened as a result the England club was notified following the termination of the contract. This just came as a surprise to Tinaye for it was on his birthday. The club only offered assistance in organizing transport for him back home.

Tinaye could not decide, return back home or stay in USA with Harry. He missed home but yet could not leave Harry. He felt puzzled, he was just cought in between, in great confussion.

Nyasha Reward Mapuvire is a young
and talented author, poet and
He is also blogs at heavmany.com


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