US Elections 2016: Where Trump might have lost it…part 1

By Hon.Wilson Chipangura

The United States of America is certainly and arguably the country which attracts a top drawer attention around the globe,especially its elections.
It might have wondered many that why has many states or all states have developed this never ending persipiration and keen appetite on a morsel which is not theirs at all.This writer was one of those who had tried to mantain benevolence and keep a cool head by resisting pressure of medling with the politics of Uncle Sam,until recently when the bubble bursted forth.
It is not a lie that the Election outcome in the United States will also determine Uncle Sam’s stance in the Foreign Policy or Foreign Politics,especially considering that Uncle Sam has held an everlasting affection on the administration of other countries.
Usually or Ironically the USA election result has been influenced by outside pressure in all and sundry pleblicites in the history of the country ever since it assumed its ‘big brother’ attitude towards other countries be it vulnerable or non-vulnerable.
In the USA there is an election hype this year(2016) as each dawn comes and passes or dusk appears and vanishes into oblivion.Fascinating though,is the idea that this year’s elections are not like any other elections that have been held in all aspects.
First contrast,is that the Democrats who are the ruling party will be represented by a well-known but unfamiliar figure(in terms of gender) in Hillary Clinton,a wife to former President Bill Clinton and is in line to become the first woman in the history of America to become the Head of State if the electorate decides so.
Clinton will go head to toe with another popular but unfamilir figure(as far as experience in governance is expected) in real estate mogul Donald Trump who will represent the opposition Republicans party.The writer of this analysis will focus on Donald Trump for this piece.
It is interesting that ,I came to know of the existence of Donald Trump in 2007 when i was an adent follower of World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE wrestling).Trump had come to this sopie opera of world wrestling and was having a power wrangle(battle-for-supremacy) with the one Vince McMahon,which was to split into a bout to decide the champion(kingpin) between the two gentlemen.Unfortunately,it was not to be as one of the two boys(that is Trump) was not experienced(as he finds himself at the present moment) with this issue of fighting in the ring and was not to pitch up in the ring but would reach an agreement with his opponent to hand pick a wrestler of his choice to represent him in the match.
Trump would go on to choose Bobby Lashley(Franklin Roberto) to represent him while McMahon hand picked fragile Umaga in a match the erstwhile’s ‘magic’ came to play as Umaga was defeated.It was a match of dense magnitude filled with pomp and funfare which were sandwiched by calculated aggression from both Lashley and Umaga.
The defeat of Umaga meant that Trump had claimed victory in a power wrangle with McMahon and went on to have McMahon’s head shaven in the ring with the whole world watching.Ironically,at that time no one ever bothered to critique Trump’s choice to have Bobby Lashley fight for his legacy against McMahon.
Etiquetteness had to be defended as pride was at stake and Bobby Lashley did Trump justice for picking him as the right candidate.It is vanquishing to think of why Trump never noticed that Lashley was a black person.If blacks are lazy and can not achieve anything then why was so confident to romp to victory by being represented by Roberto.
If Trump was able to win his legacy in the WWE after Lashley put on a stellar perfomance to defend him(Trump) against a fragile Umaga,while being represented by a black man then it gives everyone the precise answer which others would try to dismiss with the contempt it does not deserve that there is power in non-discrimination.Facts are stubborn for everyone even for Trump as they are for Clinton also ,that multi-racial approach will and shall always hold the key to triumph.Only those who risk to lose in life will always try to preach the gospel of racism(superiority-inferiority complex among races) sowing the contaminated seeds of discontent to all who dare to entertain tomfoolery and like Trump they shall reap nothing.They risk trading proverbial airpies for humble pies.
Many a people have been led astray by thinking that racism is a branch of patriotism or nationalism.The issues of nationalism and racism have always combined to produce suicidal atomic bombs with allusive examples supporting this notion ,especially the racial issue of Pan-Slavism which intensified the great rift among major and minor states(which I will deliberately ignore for interest sake) or races prior to the World War One 1914.
Trump should know that great politicians are the ones who have the magical wavebands to pursuade the electorate to fall in love with them.The electorate are not typical lovelorns but are like a boy courting a girl.He has to find strategic ways to win the girl’s heart without provoking her or dissuading her.It will be suicadal for a boy to intimidate the girl with his first words or even to reveal his aggressive attitude towards the girl with the solitary intention being to win her heart.


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